About Us

PALACE INTRIGUE started in 2019 because we were enjoying The Crown.  Then Megxit happened...and the Queen died...and Harry & Meghan went on Netflix...and then Harry wrote a book.....and yeah you get the idea.  There is a never ending drama with The Royal Family and host Mark Francis covers it 7 days a week.

DAILY COMEDY NEWS is a seven day recap of what is happening in the world of comedy. Hosted by John McDermott, John has been the host of LiveXLive's Weekly Comedy Thing since 2015, and ran SiriusXM Comedy for a decade before that.

5 GOOD NEWS STORIES is just that, five stories, all of them good news, delivered twice a week!

THE MESSI EFFECT is our latest offering, covering the biggest star in soccer as Lionel Messi conquers America and Major League Soccer.


So you're wondering, who are these guys?  The Shark Deck is a relatively new project, so for now let's take a look at the body of work up until this point.

John McDermott ran Comedy & Entertainment for SiriusXM for a decade, moving to podcast company Cadence13 as EVP Programming, and is lead creative here at The Shark Deck.

These are some of the cool people and brands that trusted John with the keys.

Yeah, that's the cast of The Walking Dead at Comic-Con Radio.  And Key & Peele on Comedy Central Radio.  And Jamie Foxx with The Foxxhole...Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy's Blue Collar Radio... Monty Python's 40th Anniversary Station...and Star Wars Celebration Radio.  Sometimes it was just a normal day at the comedy stations and Jimmy Fallon would stop by...or maybe Bruno Mars just wanted to say hi to The Fonz.

On the podcasting side, our team members managed very important partnerships including Crooked Media (Pod Save America...), Pushkin Industries (Revisionist History...), Tenderfoot TV (To Live and Die in LA...), Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair and more.  This was a great set of creative people to work with, helping them smoothly execute their creative visions.

You can check out John's full portfolio here.